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Small Tortoises For Sale

Small tortoises range in size from as small as only 4″ to a max length of 8″.  Are you looking for a tiny tortoise or small tortoise species? Typically, you will be shopping within the “Testudo tortoise” family.  If you are looking for tortoises that stay small, or small tortoise species, this is your spot.  We have a wide variety of small tortoise for sale including many different small tortoise breeds.

Tortoises That Stay Small

This includes the smallest captive bred tortoise in the USA, the baby Egyptian tortoise.  Besides the Egyptian tortoise, other small species include Hermann’s tortoise family like the Western Hermann’s tortoise, Hermanns tortoise for sale.  When considering a small pet tortoise please do not go to the pet store and buy a wild caught animal.  Russian tortoise for sale petsmart is one of the brands that carry wild caught adults.  Often they do not even label what small tortoise breeds or small tortoise species they are!  I have seen “testudo tortoise” label only with small pet tortoises housed in small incorrect habitats.  All of the smaller tortoise species, these are going to be your best choices.

Medium Sized Tortoise Species

Considering a tortoise that isn’t so tiny, but also isn’t a giant?  Medium sized tortoises range in size from 10-16″ on average. Tortoise town has a large variety of captive-bred medium-sized tortoises. Some medium-sized tortoises include the Burmese star tortoise, Sri Lankan Star Tortoise.  Colorful species include red foot tortoise, yellow foot tortoise, cherry head tortoise.  Testudo tortoises are small to medium and include the Ibera Greek tortoise and the Elongated tortoise.

Colorful Baby Tortoises For Sale

Looking for color? Check out our gorgeous baby red foot tortoise,  and baby yellow foot tortoise hatchlings.  Some 0f the most important things to do before you buy a leopard tortoise online is to find the right baby tortoise and the tortoise breeder before you choose your new tortoise.  Researching proper leopard tortoise care is pivotal to raising a healthy leopard tortoise baby and adult.

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